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Project Overview

The purpose of the Get SMART with iCHAT (Integrated Community Health Approaches to Transformation) Project is to engage African-American MSM and LGBTQ emerging adults (18 to 24 years old), in an integrated substance abuse, Hepatitis C, and HIV prevention program to prevent and reduce the incidence of such conditions in these minority sub-populations. These African-American emerging adult groups (MSM, LGBT, QPOC) have been documented to be at high-risk for HCV, HIV, alcohol and substance abuse.

The overall goal is to increase access to educational and clinical preventive services among LGBTQ young adults within the minority serving institution (MSI) and the key community statistical areas (CSAs) around the MSI. This will be made possible with a collaborative partnership between Morgan State University (MSU), the MSI, and two partnering community-based organizations (CBOs) that have a long history in the community and provide clinical and educational services to youth and young adult populations particularly among those personally identifying as sexual minorities.

Project Goals

To increase access to preventive education and clinical preventive services among LGBTQ young adults on campus and within key statistical community areas surrounding the campus

To improve student body and community behavior and attitudes around HIV and HCV testing and substance and alcohol use/abuse

To provide HIV and HCV preventive services (clinical and educational) to the student body and the community

To reduce the rates of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse/use among emerging adults

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