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YES! It’s Totally Okay to Wait to Have Sex

YES! It’s Totally Okay to Wait to Have Sex

In today’s society, it can feel like you are constantly surrounded by images and messaging with sexual overtones. From images you view in your social media feeds, TV shows, and movies to magazine and blog articles, it can make anyone believe the pervasive myth that ‘everyone’ is having sex and having it all of the time. — MYTH BUSTER NEWSFLASH: Everyone is not having sex and even those who are aren’t having sex every day. Be encouraged to confidently know that it’s okay to wait to have sex.

Everyone has their own personal timeline for when they are ready to have sex, and the decision to have sex should be centered around sexual readiness rather than societal or peer pressure from friends or a partner that you are dating. What is sexual readiness? Sexual readiness is all about feeling physically and emotionally ready to have sex.

Here’s an excerpt from an article written by Rachel Charles Lewis which provides 5 reasons why it’s OK to wait:

These days in general (but especially in the queer community) there’s a sense of judgment if you’re someone who wants to wait to have sex. Maybe it comes from our desire to escape from heteronormativity completely. Maybe it comes from the oppressiveness of a society that values virginity, especially in women. But at the end of the day, if *you’re* deciding for yourself that you want to wait to have sex, whether that means waiting until marriage to do the deed, or simply waiting for love, your choice is valid.

Your body, your decisions. End of story. And we have your back.

CLICK HERE to read Rachel’s full article: 5 Reasons Why It’s Totally Okay to Wait to Have Sex

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